What we do

Our team evaluates your internet positioning and defines restructuring actions to increase your relevance to search engines.

This repositioning is the basis for investing in other actions for brand promotion and conversion into sales and, involves associated technical resources from the hosting environment to the structuring of the website pages and configuration of social networks.

Cloud Solutions
Diagnosis, modeling and development of cloud computing solutions. Strengthen your business for quality growth and scalability.
E-commerce Solution
The e-commerce channel forecasts R$ 105 bi* in sales for 2020. We have the solution for you to sell over the web.

*Source: ABCOMM
SEO Consulting
The audience is on the first page of Google. We optimize your project for your brand to be in evidence.
Email & SMS Marketing
Professional campaigns with best practices, tracking and geolocation. Increase your conversion rate.
Online Surveys
Interactive, responsive, customizable mechanics and geo tracking. Communicate with your market and discover the secrets to more assertive strategies.
Digital Catalogs
Interactive, smart, responsive and location and access tracking. Enrich your customer experience with your products and find out what they are looking for.

What we offer

A solid and reliable platform focused on digital geo marketing solutions. Mktools enables the strengthening and better positioning of brands in search engines through interactive activation and web flow maintenance tools, such as sms/email marketing, online surveys, landing pages and digital catalogs.